ENELEX, s.r.o.  

Since 1991 ENELEX has been successfully operating in the Czech market and since 1994 in foreign market with continual dynamic growth. Nowadays they have established a significant position among producers of special electronics and Automatic Fuel Samplers especially for mining industry and power industry.

The ENELEX main selling areas are design and implementation of Coal Quality Management Systems for coal homogenization, manufacture of On-line Continuous Coal Quality Analyzers, manufacture of Automatic Fuel Samplers and manufacture of Oxygen Analyzers for combustion optimization and heating efficiency in power-plants, heating-plants and industrial incineration plants.

In this critical global situation  caused by COVID-19 ENELEX used its experience in thermal imaging systems to develop the MEDICAS Fever Detection System, which we are offering also in Mexico.

Products available for the Mexican market:

MEDICAS Fever Detection System

Due to the high global risk of spreading of infectious diseases (the present risk is COVID-19) ENELEX decided to offer the face temperature scanning plug & play infrared imaging solution named MEDICAS. 

That solution is based on a real-time continuous calibration using black body radiation source to achieve great accuracy and stability, thermal (640×512 px) and RGB camera. (Accuracy of ± 0.3 °C temperature is according to reference blackbody)

The thermal camera MEDICAS allows to measure the temperature of the skin of all persons inside the supervised ares and is therefore effective when someone´s body temperature increases for instance due to virus infection. The average body temperature on the skin surface of a healthy human is in the range of approximately 35.8°C to 37°C. 
Standard infrared LWIR measurement works on +-2 °C accuracy, which is absolutely not acceptable for this application. Workswell MEDICAS is a unique infrared system which is calibrated in real time on a black body which provides outstanding accuracy of ±0.3 °C (comparing to the standard value for thermal camera ±2 °C). Thanks to this precision in measurement the fever could be detected by providing double visual alarm on warning temperature of 37°C and the critical one which is above 38°C. An operator of the system can easily recognize a person with the fever. 

Coal Quality Analyzers

GE series on-line radiometric coal quality analyzers for coal excavation, processing and combustion optimization.

The analyzers allow monitoring of actual coal quality online directly on the belt conveyor, can determine the calorific value, ash content and flow rate within specified time interval. Use of the units will improve the excavation efficiency and allow optimization of coal consumption which leads to significant cost reduction. The content of non-combustibles is evaluated based on attenuation of dual gamma radiation. The measurement method conforms to all nuclear safety regulations. (Please, click on the image to watch the video)

Automatic Samplers of Bulk Materials

Collection of standard samples from belt conveyors, trucks and railway wagons. The industrial sampling unit is fully automated device for the regular collection and processing of samples in accordance with standards for solid fuel sampling. The device retrieves samples from belt conveyors or transfer points even in case of high transportation speed. The unit for sample collection from trucks or railroad wagons ensures smooth operation by the method of immersion of rotating auger.

The automatic samplers are certified to process wide range of materials starting from fine dust up to coarse granularity and ensure maximum representativeness of sampling and high efficiency thanks to reliable and quick sample processing. 

Thermal Imaging Systems

Fire protection of stockyards, industrial and security use

Enelex thermal imaging systems are used in a number of applications including fire protection of coal stockyards and belt conveyors, product analysis and surveillance applications. The systems enable motion detection, temperature level detection, temperature trend monitoring in large or outdoor areas as well as advanced analysis based on application needs.