DSP Přerov , spol. s r.o.

DSP Přerov is a commercial engineering company, connected to the main production facilities and to a proven network of specialized suppliers. All activities of the company are connected with the main field - with the production of machines for mineral processing technologies. The company's main activities include the design development of its own solutions for basic machines for the treatment of aggregates, especially crushers and screens, the development of application know-how, based on an efficient business component, and last but not least, installation and after-sales service, including spare parts.

Products available for the Mexican market:



The company´s strategy is to deliver crushers which can satisfy the majority of the customer's requirements for crushing of raw material and recycled building waste.

HCC, HCU cone crushers consider all significant requirements of the customers for secondary and tertiary raw material crushers. 

Jaw Crushers DC follow the most important requirements for modern jaw crushers - simple design and low weight, while having high capacity and ability to process the biggest pieces of material.

VIC & HIC Impact Crushers can be used for a variety of jobs, including crushing of rock in quarries (limestone, dolomite, sandstone, gravel etc) and processing of building waste for recycling (concrete, brickwork debris, bituminous materials at road reconstruction).

Roller Crushers RCS are used for fine crushing of wide variety of materials. The advantage of this kind of crushing is a significant reduction of occurrence of fine dust particles in the final product.


We have developed type-size ranges of vibrating screens that comply with various requirements for granulometric division of materials in raw material processing lines.

VTKVTE & VTS Screens are suitable for screening of material of different  grain (0-250mm) and mesh sizes (2 - 200mm). The material can be aggregate, gravel sand, ore, coal, coke etc. Screens are suitable for dry and wet screening. They make circular or unbalanced elliptical movement.

VGO Coarse Screens are suitable for separating the clay from the input material prior to its entrance to the technological line, the grain size of the material should be up to 1m, and 1 to 2 screening decks. 

VO Vibrating Dehydrators are used to only remove excessive water which remains in the aggregate after wet aggregate production.




The even operation of crushers and screens is ensured by vibration feeders and belt feeders.

PPV Belt Feeders are used for discharging and feeding of an even volume of non-sticking, bulk materials from a hopper or a silo into the screening equipment, conveying transportation etc.

VPO Push Feeders are used for discharging and feeding of lumpy and grained materials into the crushers or screening equipment, conveying transportation etc.

VPL Feeders are used for feeding of non-sticking materials as e.g. natural aggregate, building waste etc. into the crushers, grinding plants or screening equipment, conveying transportation etc.

VPR feeders are used for discharging, pre-screening and feeding of an even volume of non-sticking, bulk materials from a hopper or a silo into the crushers, grinding plants or screening equipment, conveying transportation etc.

VPT feeders are used for discharging and feeding of an even volume of non-sticking, bulk materials from a hopper or a silo into the crushers, grinding plants or screening equipment, conveying transportation etc.

Log Washers

Log Washers are used for gravel washing of the grain size 4-70 mm. The log washer consists of a tank, wich contains two rotors. There are several sets of nozzles for gravel spraying in the rear part of the tank. The drive consists of two electric gears.

Its rotor lenght is 5 m. They have high quality abrasion resistant steel shovels with long lifetime. The shovels can be easily exchanged - also the rotor can be easily exchanged due to its screw-mounted construction. The rotor bearigs withstand high load, they are located away from the washer case. Due to such design, there is no risk of the bearings being buried under the raw material and thus their lifetime is not reduced.

Dewatering Wheels

Dewatering wheels are used for the de-watering of gravel sand. The dewatering wheel consists of the tank with ov erflow level, discharge wheel, feeding worm and the drive.The drive consists of the electric gear with frequency converter. Dewatering wheels are produced in two desings - without the feeding worm - marked KD, or with the feeding worm - marked KDŠ.

Intensive trapping of the fine raw material particles is reached by large tank capacity, worm, and very long overflower level with special profile. 

The vacuum suction system in the buckets increase de-watering of product.

Adjustable lower lining of the outlet chute minimizes raw material reverse fall into the tank, when the bucket is discharged.

Mobile Equipment

The produced machines are incorporated into mobile and semimobile equipment. Mobile equipment is completely autonomous and can be transported between the locations and thus solve an immediate raw material processing need in those locations. The semimobile equipment is a technological unit which can be transported in the area of the quarry and thus reduce costs for material transportation etc.

Mobile Crushing Units

The MCU mobile crushing units are used for aggregate crushing. MCU complies with all the significant requirements for this category of crushing equipment.

Semimobile crushing units SCU

SCU Semimobile crushing units are used for aggregate crushing or recycling of building waste and comply with all important requirements for this category of crushing equipment.

Container size crushing units CCU

CCU container size crushing units are used mainly for recycling of building waste.

Technological Units

All DSP Přerov equipment is also delivered integrated in technological units. According to their customer´s requirements the equipment contain screens, crushers and the consequent equipment and comply with the necessities and wishes of the designers. Thus, DSP Přerov is able to deliver a compact technological unit in order to complete a modern line for raw material processing.

The technological unit is a complete set of machines and accessories in combination with steel structures. They mostly cannot operate separately, but have to be completed with other equipment. They are delivered as mobile or stationary units.

Technological Lines

DSP Přerov also incorporates the equipment that they produce into lines of raw material processing. 

It is not only that they produce the equipment and accessories for the line (conveyors, steel structures, checking and control systems), but also make the whole project and assembly of the line.

Once installed, the DSP Přerov experts put the line into operation for a smooth and successful kick off.