ORG Consult is proud of representing its partners in Mexico. As part of our representation services we are the first contact for our partner´s customers in Mexico and offer them support with commercial and technical matters.

We cover through our cooperations a variety of products of several industries meeting the needs and demands of the Mexican market.

ENELEX, s.r.o.  

Since 1991 ENELEX has been successfully operating in the Czech market and since 1994 in foreign market with continual dynamic growth. Nowadays they have established a significant position among producers of special electronics and Automatic Fuel Samplers especially for mining industry and power industry.

The ENELEX main selling areas are design and implementation of Coal Quality Management Systems for coal homogenization, manufacture of On-line Continuous Coal Quality Analyzers, manufacture of Automatic Fuel Samplers and manufacture of Oxygen Analyzers for combustion optimization and heating efficiency in power-plants, heating-plants and industrial incineration plants.

In this critical global situation  caused by COVID-19 ENELEX used its experience in thermal imaging systems to develop the MEDICAS Fever Detection System, which we are offering also in Mexico.

HANSEANDINA Deutschland GmbH

HANSEANDINA®, Germany-based company, focused on the development, formulation and B2B commercialization of innovative and differentiated solutions for crop protection. Its continuous research of solutions for the control of diverse biological targets has led them to a development of high performance insecticides, fungicides and herbicides for the main problems present today in rice, avocado, coffee, ornamentals, corn, peanuts, cotton, wheat, vegetables and other crops. 

The goal of HANSEANDINA® is to support farmers to grow their yields and earnings by using differentiated and high performance crop protection products. 

DSP Přerov , spol. s r.o.

DSP Přerov is a commercial engineering company, connected to the main production facilities and to a proven network of specialized suppliers. All activities of the company are connected with the main field - with the production of machines for mineral processing technologies. The company's main activities include the design development of its own solutions for basic machines for the treatment of aggregates, especially crushers and screens, the development of application know-how, based on an efficient business component, and last but not least, installation and after-sales service, including spare parts.