Our Services 

Our consultancy and representation services cover the following activities in order to launch and grow successful business for you, our foreign customers, in Mexico, North and Central America:

Commercial and Technical Representation

Our representation services give our customers the possibility to enter and analyse without big investments and getting a deeper knowledge of the Mexican market. Out of Guadalajara we represent their company as authorized commercial sales agents in Mexico, North and Central America in order to gain additional business with existing and new customers for the time they consider necessary. We use our broad base of contacts in several industries to create and cultivate opportunities.
If they require a technical support representation, we can offer also customized service packages.

Foundation and Registration of the Mexican Company

Together with our partners we help you to have a fast foundation and registration of your new subsidiary in Mexico.

Bank Accounts openings

Once your company is registered in Mexico we move on to the next step, the selection of a finance institute and take care of the account opening. We recommend which finance institutes, which meet your requirements and work according to your corporate guidelines.

Talent Acquisition and Interim Management Solutions

Finding staff with excellent hard skills is easy, but what about the soft skills? It is typical that during the recruiting process only candidates with the matching hard skill profile qualify. At ORG  Consult we focus on the hard skills without neglecting the soft skills. We want you to get a real team player, who meets all your expectations.
ORG Consult understands the difference between bosses and leaders, and we know how to distinguish one from another. The occupation of managerial and directive positions is even more important when it comes to interim vacancies. Most interim managers are only focused on achieving their objectives without worrying about causing direct and indirect damage that may arise in the medium or long term.

Networking for Administrative Activities 

We work for you on the different tasks and topics, i.e. accounting, legal, commercial, real estate, EHS, IT. Thus, we can find your future partners for each area. We join you, as well as your future partners, during business development until achieving a stable relationship. As your reliable shelter we continue available for any consulting activities on these topics.

Strategies for Location Selection

Usually customers are spread all over the country, so which is the right location to place a sales office or a production facility? Our team of experts in locations benchmark supports you in the decision process of where to get settled.

Landing of "Expats" in Mexico

To start business abroad corporates send expert teams to the new locations in order to implement the corporate´s processes and train the local employees. These teams, the "Expatriots" or "Expats", need support in their new environment, e.g. working visa, housing, schools, medical services, shopping, spare time activities. ORG Consult will help to make your "Expats" feel at home in Mexico.